Understanding the Incredible Benefits of Green Tea for Health to Know

It's true that you should not expect the body to protect itself with just a specific foodstuff against all diseases. Your health is generally related to your lifestyle and genetics. Therefore, even if you're busy drinking green tea all day long, you still need to take care of your body in other ways, such as eating healthy foods, avoiding drugs, and avoiding excessive activity.

What is the most important benefit of green tea?
It should be found in the catechin substance contained in this nutrient. This is Beth Riderd's, a Boston nutritionist.

What is cathicine?
Catechin is a kind of antioxidant that cures cell damage. Green tea has not been tampered with before pouring into your cup, so you can be sure that the substance you are drinking is rich in catechins.

What are the researches on green tea?
Green tea has been shown to improve blood flow and reduce cholesterol. A study in 2013 has shown that green tea prevents many heart problems, from high blood pressure to heart cramps.

Usually, something useful for the heart is also useful for the brain. Your brain needs healthy blood and veins.

In a study in Switzerland, a number of people were taken to the MRI tape, after checking the tapes, it was found that people who used green tea in their diet had a better function in reminding the brain. It is also noted that green tea has a positive and preventive effect on the parts of the brain that are associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Likewise, green tea seems to balance blood sugar in people with diabetes. Since catechins reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, green tea can also protect the body from people who use high-fat foods.

But how about weight loss?
Unfortunately, we can not deceive you by saying that "a foodstuff can burn tens of kilograms of fat from your body." However, evidence has shown that active ingredients in green tea can help you lose a few pounds, provided you do not have a cup of green tea filled with sugar or honey.

Green tea can be a good alternative to high-sugar beverages.

The effect of green tea on cancer
During studies, green tea has been shown to help healthy cells throughout their growth stages. Studies have also shown that green tea helps to kill cancer cells.

But it should be noted that studies on the effect of green tea on cancer are still in its infancy and can not be said with certainty in relation to the evidence obtained.

Relaxation customs
Drinking green tea helps you get calm. There is a natural chemical called Tuna, in green tea that makes you feel relaxed.

But, perhaps the most important benefit of drinking a cup of tea is immediately, a short time to rest.

Tips on green tea
Do not add boiling water to prepare green tea. Boiling water has a profound effect on the catechin, which is one of the best green tea compositions. It is best to add water that is at 170-160 ° C.
Add your sour lemon to your green tea. Vitamin C in the sour lemon makes it easier for the body to absorb catechins. On the other hand, the dairy makes it harder for the body to absorb it. (Do not use dairy products a few hours before and after drinking green tea.)

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