Familiarity with standard height and weight for children of different ages

The height and weight of children from birth to adolescence have always been one of the concerns of mothers and they are constantly tracking it. But mothers need to know that each child has its own system and skeletal system, and can not point to the exact number.

What is hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)?

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a common disorder. Sweating occurs in these people mostly in the underarms and palms. This problem begins with adolescence and sometimes remains with the person until the end of his life.

Stress or Anxiety? The problem is

Stress on its own is not only dangerous, it is also useful for human survival and health. Stress in human nature, like other animals, is a natural occurrence. But when stress goes beyond normal, it will no longer be beneficial and will become "negative stress" or "anxiety."

Homemade treatments and the miracle of sinusitis and respiratory infections

Sinusitis is one of the common diseases that many people suffer from the symptoms of it. In this article, what are the common questions about sinusitis, including sinusitis? What are the symptoms of sinusitis? The ways of diagnosis and treatment are discussed.

What is a blood test for controlling diabetes, or the A1C test?

The A1C blood test, or the A1C hemoglobin test, labeled as abbreviated HBA1C in the test sheet, is used to diagnose type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.

All About AIDS, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

AIDS is a dangerous disease that attacks the immune system and gradually eliminates it. Until now, no treatment has been discovered for this disease, but some drugs can control it to some extent.

How to recognize some of the diseases from the appearance of your nails!

Did you know that your nails can provide clues to your overall health? The presence of white on the nail or the presence of a mild effect of rosy color or some roughness in the nails may be a sign of disease in the body. Nail tongues suggest some diseases.

Causes of toothache and recommendations to prevent it

Toothache is almost one of the worst pain ever experienced by anyone in their lifetime. This article discusses symptoms, treatment, and how to prevent it

Is the undesirable effects of mobile waves on the human brain true?

Mobile electromagnetic waves can be absorbed by the skin and adjacent tissues, and the heat is raised slightly, this increase in heat and the increase of local blood flow, can increase energy consumption and increase metabolism in the brain cells of the area.

Hepatitis B tests and test results

Hepatitis B blood tests detect viral proteins (antigens) and antibodies produced in response to infection, or detect and evaluate the genetic material of a DNA virus.

What is WBC in the blood test?

White blood cells (WBCs) mean white blood cells. By measuring the amount of white blood cells, we can estimate the presence of infection in the body. White blood cells are the defenses in the body and they must react differently from infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Simple remedies for strengthening skin and hair

For the beauty and health of your skin, we offer ten useful strategies that are miraculous.

Possibility of treatment of severe ocular deviations

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Babol University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Roustai, a specialist and eye surgeon and assistant professor at the University of Ophthalmologic Surgery (50 PER) and a significant improvement in the quality of life of a 40-year-old woman.

What is the cause of herpes disease and how to treat it quickly?

Herpesvirus is one of the most important human pathogens that can lead to genital herpes and herpes simplex virus. Given the contagious nature of the disease, it's best to get familiar with its types and symptoms and treatments.

Learn more about baldness and its causes

Baldness refers to the condition of not having hair or losing it in the area where the hair often grows, and especially in the head. The most common and common form of baldness is a progressive process of loss of hair, which is called androgenetic alopecia or baldness, referred to as a male pattern, and occurs in adult humans.

What is anemia and anemia and what are its different types?

Anemia is a condition that leads to a lack of adequate amounts of red blood cells or a decrease in hemoglobin. Due to the lack of these two vital elements, the body cells will not be able to receive the oxygen they need.

Excellent solution to get rid of dry hair and buzzing

Most of the ladies because of taking too much shampoo containing sulfate and coloring or excessive use of hair dryer and hair iron, dry haircuts and buzzing and looking for a way to treat these conditions are disappointing. But rather than worry. With a few simple solutions to this problem can be easily resolved.

Vitamin D deficiency is an essential ingredient to the body, what are the symptoms and complications?

Vitamin D, also known as vitamin D, is one of the most important vitamins that has a great impact on several systems throughout the body. What are the causes, symptoms, and complications of the deficiency?

Key points about infertility in men, symptoms and treatment

Unfortunately, 15% of couples in the world have infertility problems. Male infertility is due to low sperm production, abnormal sperm or obstruction, which prevents sperm out. Diseases, injuries, lifestyle choices and other factors can play an important role in male infertility.

Blood cancer symptoms that all women should be aware of it

In this post we're going to important issues in relation to blood cancer in women. The awareness of this disease can be a great role for all the women in the face with it.

Everything about dry skin and itching, causes and symptoms along with natural remedies

Dry skin is caused by a series of hereditary disorders called ichthyosis, which can sometimes be daunting and uncomfortable. Fortunately, most dry skin is created by environmental factors that can be controlled at least to some extent.

What causes dandruff and how to treat it

Due to the presence of creatine, human skin is constantly rebuilding and requiring replacement. This reconstruction occurs throughout the body. There will be times when this cell death process will increase in the head area and will appear in the form of visible particles or so-called dandruff.

Bone pain caused by what the causes and factors, and how it should be controlled?

Bone pain means pain, inflammation or other discomfort in the bone. Bone pain is one of the common symptoms of bone cancer and the same cause should not be ignored.

Everything about healthy pregnancy and proper nutrition that a mother needs to know

Pregnancy is part of a woman's normal life, but this period requires her special care, which is why during this period, pregnant mothers should have healthy eating.

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