What is rheumatoid factor or RF test?

This test is done to help diagnose the presence of autoimmune diseases, such as RA rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Home Remedies for Colds

During pregnancy, the body's immune system changes and gets worse. Runny nose or nasal congestion along with other symptoms during the cold can make a pregnant woman with severe discomfort.

Learn more about allergies to better control it

This paper examines the types of allergies and signs, therapeutic and preventative therapies.

A look at lichen planus; an autoimmune skin disease

Lichen planus is one of the skin diseases that we focus on in this article. The causes, symptoms, treatment, and all that is related to Lichen planus are discussed below.

Kaposi sarcoma; Cancer for weak immune systems

Kaposi's sarcoma is a type of cancer that forms in the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. Tumors caused by this type of cancer usually appear as painless purple tubers throughout the skin, including face and face skin.

Everything we need to know about the HIV virus, the status of AIDS and people with it

AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is a condition that results in severe weakness of the immune system. AIDS is not considered a disease itself, but rather a stage between the introduction of HIV into the body and then the emergence of some infections and cancers that chronic and sustained for a long time, and it can also be a threat.

Tips to Know About Asthma

Asthma is a chronic and inflammatory disease that causes narrowing of the respiratory tract and blocks the respiratory tract. Unfortunately, the disease is intensifying in the winter, and there is currently no definitive treatment for it. But there are ways to manage this disease that reduces its symptoms.

What do you know about Bolivia's Prostatic Skin Disease or Epidermolysis?

Butterfly disease or EB is a group of rare diseases that affect the skin tissue. It is commonly seen in infantile children and is a hereditary illness. Some signs and symptoms may occur in adolescence.

All About AIDS, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

AIDS is a dangerous disease that attacks the immune system and gradually eliminates it. Until now, no treatment has been discovered for this disease, but some drugs can control it to some extent.

Hepatitis B tests and test results

Hepatitis B blood tests detect viral proteins (antigens) and antibodies produced in response to infection, or detect and evaluate the genetic material of a DNA virus.

What is WBC in the blood test?

White blood cells (WBCs) mean white blood cells. By measuring the amount of white blood cells, we can estimate the presence of infection in the body. White blood cells are the defenses in the body and they must react differently from infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Familiarity with the seven self-immune diseases that affect the immune system of women

Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system changes against the body itself and attacks the cells of the body. This situation can affect anyone, but about 80% of people affected by this condition are women.

Psoriasis in autumn and winter, answers to 6 common questions

For some people with psoriasis, short periods of autumn, winter and cold weather intensify the symptoms of psoriasis. Do not be disappointed, you do not need to think about the hard days of fall and winter and worse symptoms in the spring.

How to manage diabetes during pregnancy?

Gestational diabetes is diagnosed during pregnancy and differs from type 1 and type 2 diabetes. No matter what type of diabetic you have, there are many ways in which you can spend healthy and safe pregnancy.

Colds and important recommendations to prevent it

Colds are a common disease, which is especially noticeable today due to seasonal changes. A disease that can easily be prevented from occurring.

How to treat the cold of children?

Children eat about eight times a year. Although colds are not serious, sometimes colds may spread to a pneumonia if care is not taken.

11 diseases that begin with the cold season

Each chapter brings a series of illnesses and health problems that are not exceptionally autumn and winter. The severe fluctuations in the climate make the human body difficult to adapt to changes, and as a result, many of us are sick during air changes.

Home remedies for seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergy or allergy is a problem we all are involved with, and it usually becomes more intense in the spring and autumn seasons. The cause of this is the weakness of the immune system. This article addresses the symptoms and ways of treating this disease.

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